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Grobbelaar & Cass bring you the best in mobility solutions and assistive devices in South Africa, sourcing and customising quality wheelchairs, cerebral palsy seating, standing frames, bath chairs and everything in between, and making them readily available to you. As mobility equipment suppliers based in Berea, Durban, our specialists offer expert advice and assistance, helping you choose the best mobility device for you and your budget.

Initial Consult Free of Charge

Come to us for a private assessment and get an idea of how we can help you – no strings attached!

Patient Care is Our Priority

We have a passion for people and always put our patients first, giving them our undivided attention. We enjoy getting to know them and building lasting relationships with them.

Our Process



Fit & Finish

Starting your journey towards improved mobility can be overwhelming, but our professionals are here to help you every step of the way – from your first assessment, to making or sourcing the perfect mobility option for you, to assisting with the very last details, such as fit and finish.

Contoured to Your Comfort

Our goal is to make your everyday seating or mobility device as comfortable as possible. We take your measurements and record your details to make sure you’re completely satisfied with your seating.

Our Mobility Products

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Electronic wheelchairs

Manual wheelchairs

Cerebral palsy seating

Bath chairs

Standing frames

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