Rekindling Hope with a Dynamic Orthotics and Prosthetics Company

Grobbelaar & Cass are a Durban-based orthotics and prosthetics company. We craft world-class assistive devices and offer holistic services that help our patients increase their mobility and extend their range of motion, leading them towards restored confidence and independence.

Inspired by the Spirit of Perseverance

Brought together by founders Darryl Grobbelaar and Luvan Cass, our team have decades of experience and an undying passion for what they do and the patients that they work with.

Over the years, we have been motivated and moved by the people we meet, their stories, and their spirit of perseverance. Our love for these people unites us and inspires us as a team.

What We Value

At Grobbelaar & Cass, we endeavour to uphold a culture that exudes honesty, integrity, and enthusiasm. Our work ethos reflects the quality of the final product and service that we deliver to patients. We aspire to have the best-in-class facilities in the country and aim to provide our patients with expert care and service to advance their journey to recovery.

Orthtotist & Prosthetist

Darryl Grobbelaar

Darryl’s merited experience as an ex-Navy diver and his 25 years of expertise in the orthotics and prosthetics industry has led him to lead a life with honourable intention, passion, and diligence. The practice is rooted in humble beginnings, a one-man project consulting in a medical practice by day and manufacturing in his loft by night. Inspired by his grandfather who had undergone amputation, he was relentless in pursuing solutions that could improve the daily lives of those with limb loss. He now has one of the leading practices in the country! The main driving force for growth is Darryl’s insatiable thirst for knowledge and the need to constantly keep up to date with the field’s innovations. Darryl is a family man with an avid interest in sports and the great outdoors.

Orthtotist & Prosthetist

Luvan Cass

Luvan began his career in government clinics before being head hunted into private practice. With 9 years of experience and a particular passion for special needs children and amputees, Luvan’s focus is on bringing the best innovative solutions to the table as well as running the day-to-day operations of the business. Apart from his work, he also takes great pleasure in outdoor adventure and being the trusty handyman.

Head of Prosthetics & Insoles

Prince (Nkukuleko Gwala)

Head of Prosthetics & Insoles – Prince is a living example of how passion can shape your future. He came to the practice as an unskilled member of the team, and through sheer perseverance he applied himself daily to learn the art of perfecting the product. When his talent for the job as well as his professionalism was noticed, he was then sent on courses to perfect the craft. With over a decade of technical experience, Prince is meticulous at his work and a leader in integrity and world-class service.

Head of Orthotics and Mobility

Manqoba (Neneh)

Manqoba has been with Grobbelaar & Cass since 2016. He may be the youngest on the team but shows great dexterity and talent in working with orthotic and prosthetic materials. His cheerful disposition and wit provide the team with fresh energy and encouragement every day.


Sandy De Gee

With extensive experience in Intensive Care Unit medical administration, Sandy manages the entire administration process, ensuring that every patient feels welcome and cared for throughout their experience. When she’s not at work, Sandy thoroughly enjoys reading and challenging herself.

Have A Question?

Do you have a question for our professionals? How can our orthotics and prosthetics company help you? Our team is always happy to assist, so don’t hesitate to get in touch with them.